Creating Divisions

We like to strengthen established structures amongst our work forces. People who are performing well in one project are likely to find themselves in the following projects as well. People take roles according to their character, age and experience. With time a group can become an efficiently working division, which once put together, cannot be replaced automatically. A working division becomes a machine creating value to our customers – and to themselves as individuals. In order to get this far we as an organization pay attention to the most basic things.

In the beginning the most important thing is to ensure a functioning communication. Our workers are not left alone with the challenges they might encounter on a new site. There might be problems getting material or tools and sometimes a worker is not able to tackle this kind of problems by his own.

An organization may well grow too high but as easily there might be couple steps lacking. This is where we play our part by giving feed back to our workers – and customers. The leading on site might be unaware about problems that don’t involve themselves directly. We play our part by ensuring that our workers are not working alone and that they have everything to perform well.